Thank you for your support

We are so grateful for your support of this event. We have decided to discontinue the event for the time being. If you have questions or want more information, please contact Andy Hewitt at rahewitt [at] mindspring [dot] com.




This event is inspired by the life, the hope, and the loss of Jenni Hewitt who did not win her five-year battle with melanoma cancer. Those of us who knew her can speak volumes about the gracious and determined spirit Jenni had. Those who did not know her wish they had. Click here to read a poem entitled Hope that Jenni wrote at age 22, seven years before her diagnosis. We think you will know her after you’ve read it.

“Everyone has a cancer story,” Jenni used to say. Everybody knows somebody whose life has been affected by this disease. Diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 29, Jenni was determined to make her “cancer story” one with a purpose. Jenni endured multiple surgeries and experimental studies to aid in the understanding and treatment of melanoma, the most fatal form of skin cancer. She insisted that even if her own life could not be saved, perhaps someone else’s would be as a result of the research she supported. Your participation in this event and your donations to the American Cancer Society are helping Jenni’s goals to be realized.

So it is in Jenni’s honor that we gather each year near her birthday to celebrate life, to share love, and to encourage hope.